The solar revolution has begun

The solar revolution has begun

Here comes UPX50+

We are hard at work over here at Vapor Apparel. Product development is always part of the process. We have recently added a number of new colors, styles and brand extensions for the Solar UPX50+ shirt line. This market just keeps growing for our customers.

We doubled down on our solar technology as well. We wanted EVERY COLOR to be 50+ UPF and we have achieved that and then some. Actually – here is a great little fact on our fabric…..our UPF actually improves with washing. It goes up in UPF factor where most go down with washing. This is a huge factor for our return customers. It is a big deal.

We added a hoodie version of our solar. The cut and shoulder style is different from our traditional unisex and the market is responding well to it. All of our styles have the tear-away tag in them so private label customers are very happy to add this to their series for the 2017 season.

So if you are in the outdoor market and are looking for something that protects and provides real temperature control as well… look no further then the expanded solar line at Vapor Apparel.

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