Bulk Fabric

Vapor Apparel offers bulk quantities of our fabrics in rolls for those in the cut & sew side of the industry. We stock our core fabrics in white only. Custom orders of dyed fabric are also available with a minimum order of 1000 yards.

Please contact us at sales@vaporapparel.com for pricing and details.

Our fabrics benefit from our suite of consumer facing features:

UPF 50+
Vapor Apparel offers fabrics enhanced with UPF50+ to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. The Solar Performance line is ideal for team sports, workforces, adventures, coastal sports, and any high endurance activity. Featuring UPF 50+ solar protection, the Solar Performance fabric is lightweight, comfortable, and built to last.

Zinc based technology keeps fabrics fresh and defends against odor causing bacteria. In addition to providing enhanced performance during use, the odor resistant technology feature also helps to extend the useful life of the product.

PURE-tech™ Cool Wicking Technology keeps you cool and dry every time you wear it. It also adapts to hot or cold conditions. . PURE-tech™’s intelligent design delivers superior moisture-wicking features shown to improve the body’s core performance, releasing heat when it’s warm and trapping it in the cold. Our UV-certified fabrics dry rapidly and maximize absorbency. PURE-tech™ is permanent and proven to last, providing effective moisture-wicking capabilities throughout the life of the garment. Wash after wash, and game after game — PURE-tech™ stands up to the toughest athletic challenges, keeping you cooler and dryer longer than non-performance apparel.