Everything You Need to Know About Custom Cut and Sew

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Cut and Sew

If you’ve had shirts customized by Vapor Apparel, you may have selected a ready-made UPF 50+ garment from our catalog that we branded with your graphics or logo. This is a great option, as we have a bunch of shirt styles and colors to choose from, including 21 sublimation-certified colors. But if you’re looking for something totally customized, we can do that, too! Our Full Package Cut and Sew Program allows you to customize your choice of shirt colors, patterns, and graphics, as well as add your branding. 

Want the sleeves of the shirt to have a different pattern or color than the body? We can do it. Want your own pattern as the background of the entire shirt or hoodie? We can do it! We bring your vision to life.

Read, watch, and learn about our Custom Cut and Sew Program, and contact us for more info! Email us at 

Dive Into the Custom Cut and Sew Process with Our Team

Everything You Need to Know about Custom Cut and Sew 

Men's Cut and Sew Solar Long Sleeve

What Is Custom Cut and Sew?  

The Custom Cut and Sew process allows you to fully customize your garments. We take your background graphic and preferred colors and print them on fabric before the pieces are cut and sewn together. Want different colors/patterns on the sleeves or body? Cut and sew allows that, too.

This is different from our regular sublimation process, which requires spot sublimation on the front, back or sleeves using a base shirt from our catalog of colors and background patterns. This is still a high-quality option, but not fully custom.

What Types of Cut and Sew Options Does Vapor Apparel Offer?  

Women's Custom Cut and Sew Shirts

Fully Custom Cut and Sew

We have two options. The first is Fully Custom, where the shirt background color/pattern and any customization, such as logos, are printed on to the fabric first before the shirt is sewn together. With this option, the body and sleeves can have different patterns/color combinations.

"This is what a lot of our fishing accounts come to us for because they want something really unique, full coverage on the fabric, like a cool pattern, and you’re able to put your logos into the material and the fabric," said Gustavo Serrano, Vapor Apparel Senior Brand Developer.

Large-Run All Over Print Cut and Sew

The second type of Cut and Sew customization is called Large-Run All Over Print. This process is great when you want the shirt to have the same custom print all over. The design is printed on a big bolt of fabric before the pieces are cut out and sewn together. Once the shirt is sewn together, it can be sublimated with your logo or other branding. These shirts can also be customized after the fact with screen printing or direct-to-film transfers.  

"What makes these unique is that you can do higher volume prints in specific colors and then you’re able to come back after the fact and place logos onto the shirt either with Dye-Sublimation if it’s a light-colored shirt, screen printing or a Direct to Film Transfer," Gustavo said. "With the Large-Run All Over Print, you get a sharper price, but there is a longer lead time."

Won't Crack, Fade, or Peel

No matter which Cut and Sew option you choose, both involve embedding the color and/or design into the fabric using Dye Sublimation. This process ensures the design won’t crack, fade, or peel because it’s not a topical print. 

What Types of Fabric Are Used?  

One of the key benefits to working with Vapor Apparel on Cut and Sew is our Award-winning UPF 50+ technical fabric that’s has the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation. 

We have two fabric options: One that’s 95% technical polyester and 5% spandex. The other is 100% technical polyester. 

The 95/5 has a little more stretch and a little silkier feel than the 100% poly, but they’re both lightweight, soft, and comfortable. 

What Shirt Styles Are Available?  

Men's Custom Cut and Sew Hoodie Example

The following styles are all technical shirts that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, odor-resistant, and they provide UPF 50+ sun protection on covered areas. 

Click on the links below to view in our catalog.

“Outside of the Long Sleeve, the Solar Hoodie is another one of our favorite styles. Everyone loves a hoodie because you don’t want to get your neck cooked while you’re out fishing. I highly recommend this style,” Gustavo said. 

Minimum Order Quantities 

Fully Custom: One of the benefits of Fully Custom Cut and Sew is that it has lower minimums. Minimums can start as low as 72. 

Large-Run AOP: One of the benefits of the Large-Run all over print is the price point. Because this is a large run, the MOQ is 500. However, the price per unit is lower. 

Contact us for additional details and pricing.

High Quality Artwork Is Key 

One of the most important things when you do a Cut and Sew project is high-res artwork. Your design will be blown up to cover the fabric, so high-res artwork is a must for the process to work correctly. You can design your own, use an artist in your area, or our Charleston-based Art Department can help!  

Full Package Cut and Sew Program with Private-Label Services

Want to establish your own brand? Check out our Private-Label Services!

"We have brands that need a full-package option and we offer that," Gustavo said. "We have capabilities to do private labeling in the neck, hang tagging. We can do single poly bag, UPC stickers. All of these are features that we offer at Vapor Apparel." 


The best thing to do is get in touch w/ your sales rep to talk about what your goals and variables are. We’d love to help you with your next Custom Cut and Sew project! 

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