Custom Shirt Spotlight: Lowcountry Land Trust

Custom Shirt Spotlight: Lowcountry Land Trust

Did you know that a single oyster filters 50 gallons of water a day? That’s one hard-working mollusk! So, if about 6,000 oysters live in one square yard of an oyster reef, they’re filtering a combined 300,000 gallons of water every single day! But not if their habitat is destroyed by over-harvesting, erosion, or pollution. Protecting our coastal lands is priority No. 1 for Lowcountry Land Trust and Vapor Apparel is proud to partner with them on custom shirts that support their mission.

“Lowcountry Land Trust’s mission is protect land and water forever, nurture relationship between people and place and connect the community to conservation,” said Bea Girndt, Outreach and Events Director for Lowcountry Land Trust.

“We wanted to partner with Vapor Apparel to offer local environmentalists sustainably made sun protective gear that supported a conservation organization,” she said.

Vapor Apparel's Custom Volunteer Shirt for Lowcountry Land Trust Event

Vapor Apparel Helps Lowcountry Land Trust with Custom Gear in Two Ways

1.) Creating a line of custom-branded Solar Long Sleeves, Tees, Hoodies, Polos, and Quarter-Zips that Lowcountry Land Trust sells at events to raise funds for their mission. We also sell their line on our retail site and 30% goes back to support LLT.

2.) We’ve provided customized shirts for volunteer opportunities, such as their recent Oyster Wire Cage Build Event.

In both cases, the shirts raise awareness for the Lowcountry Land Trust brand and their critical mission.

Interview with Bea Girndt of the Lowcountry Land Trust


Vapor Apparel Creates Custom Shirts for Merch Sales and Events

Lowcountry Land Trust is a 501 C3 non-profit organization. Their work permanently protects land throughout Coastal South Carolina that is foundational to the area’s ecosystem and residents’ quality of life. Having protected over 165,000 acres of land, since its founding in 1986, LLT is one of the leading local land trusts in the United States.

LLT holds multiple events each year. From its Spring Fling and fall Sporting Clays Shoot, to year-round volunteer opportunities, these events invite LLT members (and the community) to enjoy and explore protected lands. The events underline the importance of preservation so future generations can continue to enjoy the beautiful area we call home. Lowcountry Land Trust sells their customized apparel at these events to raise money to further their cause.

“We wanted to find a way that our supporters could share our mission through wearing clothing that has our branding and provide them with a high quality, local product that supports a conservation organization in South Carolina,” Bea said.

Women wearing Lowcountry Land Trust custom shirts

Q&A with Lowcountry Land Trust

What’s it like to work with Vapor Apparel?

“The process of working with the staff at Vapor Apparel was seamless. It was a great, collaborative experience. We received our product in a timely manner and we were able to customize the shirt to get exactly what we wanted.”

What surprised you about partnering with Vapor Apparel?

"The staff at Vapor Apparel are so much fun and have been so easy to work with. It really surprised me how interested in supporting a local organization Vapor Apparel is. They really support our mission to protect the lands and waters of the Lowcountry."

Man on dock and woman in boat in Lowcountry Land Trust shirts

What do you like about Vapor’s Solar Shirts?

“The quality of Vapor’s Solar Shirts is fantastic. Not only do they withstand machine washing and frequent wear, but they also come in fun colors and stand out. Our volunteers and staff absolutely love wearing them!”

What’s one word you’d use to describe your experience with Vapor Apparel?

“I would use the word collaborative to describe my experience with Vapor Apparel. The experience was truly a partnership and a collaborative effort to get us a product that we knew our supporters would love.”

Vapor Apparel's Custom Services 

Do You Need Custom or Private Label Shirts? Vapor Apparel Can Help!

Vapor Apparel can customize shirts with your branding for an event, your employees, your destination, or other need. We can work with your existing designs provided as high-resolution, print-ready files, or our art department can work with you to create something unique.

We have a catalog full of sublimation-ready garments that can be customized to meet your needs whether your goal is to raise awareness, raise funds. Screen printing also available.

Vapor Apparel also offers private label services where our products are branded with your heat seals and hang tags for retail sale. 

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