What Is a Private Label Clothing Collection?

What Is a Private Label Clothing Collection?

What is a private label clothing collection? It's a fast and easy solution if you're dreaming of creating your own clothing brand but may not have the connections or expertise. The short answer is, we provide our products branded with your neck label, hang tags, packaging or other materials for retail sale. Our products plus your branding equals a private label collection.


Vapor Apparel has 20 years of experience in providing private label services and we've worked with many brands across North America, Europe, and The Caribbean. Here are some FAQ about Vapor Apparel's private label services. Have more questions? Are you ready to get started? Contact us!




What is a Private Label Clothing Collection?

Did you know that you could have your own brand in-hand and ready to sell in as little as 3 weeks after mockups are approved? Pretty exciting, right? Here's how it all works.


A private label collection is when you source a ready-made product, such as apparel, and put your branding on it. Private label services are perfect for people who are starting a brand and want to sell their own fully branded clothing but don't want to get into the design and manufacturing process.


Advantages include the ease of sourcing apparel from reputable sources, like Vapor Apparel, rather than having to go through the trial and error (and expense) of designing and producing it yourself. Another huge advantage is the turnaround time. Once the product is approved, we can deliver the finished garments in as little as three weeks.


What do Vapor Apparel's Private Label Services include?

We offer a large catalog of UPF 50+ apparel and accessories. We also offer sublimation printing, screen printing, heat seal labeling, hang-tagging, and packaging. We're proud to be a one-stop shop for retail, customization, private label, and wholesale needs.

What are the MOQs for Private Label?

The minimum order quantity is 36 units per design for sublimation and 48 units for screen print.

Can you put my neck label and hang tags on the shirt?

Absolutely. To get the neck labels, we'll put you in touch with a vendor you can work with on design. You can also supply custom hang tags or opt to use our universal hang tags. Most people go with our generic hang tags because they talk about the technical properties of the shirts.

What kind of printing services does Vapor Apparel offer?

We offer Dye Sublimation, Screen Printing, and Cut and Sew Dye Sublimation. Learn more about our Custom Cut and Sew Program on our blog.

Can you sublimate white ink on a dark colored shirt?

We get this question a lot and unfortunately, it's not possible. Light-colored inks cannot be used on dark shirts. Your ink colors need to be darker than the shirt color itself. For example, you can print dark blue or black on a white shirt, but you cannot sublimated white ink on a dark blue or black shirt. If you require a dark shirt and light ink, we recommend you screen print or use a transfer.

Learn more on our blog about FAQs about Dye Sublimation.

Does Vapor Apparel offer full package services?

Yes, we do as part of our Private Label services for a clothing collection! We can provide you with shirts that are printed with your heat seal, graphic design, hang tags, UPC sticker, as well as poly-bagged. The poly bagging ensures your product stays safe during transit. 

Who is Private Label good for?

A private label clothing collection is perfect for any company, large or small, that's looking to put apparel out with their own branding but don't want to go through the hassle or expense of designing and manufacturing your own clothing. Our award-winning UPF 50+ fabrics are perfect for any company in the activewear space.

Have more questions about Private Label?

Contact us anytime. We'd be happy to help walk you through the process and get you started on your own private label line!

Fill out the form in the link below or contact our team:

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