Custom Shirt Spotlight: Lowcountry Oyster Festival

Customer Spotlight Lowcountry Oyster Roast

As the world’s largest oyster festival, the Lowcountry Oyster Festival has set the bar high, and boy does it deliver. Not only do thousands of people come to eat oysters, listen to live music, learn about conservation, and shop merchandise, the event is a fundraiser that benefits deserving local organizations. As one of the Charleston area’s premier annual events, it was our pleasure to work with the folks at the Lowcountry Oyster Roast and create custom sun shirts for this year’s 40th anniversary event.  


Scroll down to learn more about the event, where to buy tickets, and where to buy the Lowcountry Oyster Festival Shirts.



Vapor Apparel’s Custom Event Shirts for the Lowcountry Oyster Festival 


We had a blast working with the Lowcountry Oyster Festival on event shirts using our UPF 50+ sun protection shirt. Each shirt was hand-printed by our customization team. Festival organizers were so excited about the product, and the shirts were a huge hit with festival goers. They sold out at the main event booth, as well as the Vapor Apparel booth. 


Here’s what Jenny Peppler, Special Events Manager for Explore Charleston, organizers of the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, had to say about working with us.




VAPOR APPAREL: How did we find each other and what need did we fulfill for your event?


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: This past year was our 40th anniversary. We’re always looking for sponsors to help so that the event is as successful as it can be. When Vapor Apparel approached us about being a part of the event, it was a home run just because we were able to fill our needs and I think in return, fulfill their needs.


VAPOR APPAREL: How were the shirts we made for you helpful in building awareness for the event during and year-round? 


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: I always love doing branded shirts. I always suggest to anyone that is doing an event to have a custom apparel shirt because it’s: A.) A revenue stream that you can bring to the table; and B.) It’s year-round advertising for the event.  

Our board members loved walking around the Lowcountry Oyster Festival this year with new shirts on with the date, kind of showing with pride that the event is happening and taking place. But the biggest component is that our event is an outside event and our mission is all about sustainability and partnering with Vapor Apparel really helped fulfill something that the demographic of our event was looking for. With the sun protection shirts, it just kind of makes sense because most of our demographic spends their time outside doing the oyster shell recycling and all of the efforts to be more sustainable.



VAPOR APPAREL: How was it working with us? 


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: Working with Vapor Apparel was amazing because they exceeded our expectations, hands down. They took our event design and came back with a final product that is amazing. 


VAPOR APPAREL: Tell us what you think about the UPF 50+ shirt for your event


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: The Vapor Apparel sun protection shirt has been amazing because it’s a durable product, but it’s not heavy. So even though it’s warm outside right now, or if I was out in the boat right now with the shirt on, I feel protected but it’s breathable. It really is just a great product but comfortable. 


VAPOR APPAREL: Did anything surprise you about working with Vapor Apparel? 


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: No surprises. I wish we would have found each other sooner because it was such an easy process from start to finish. They checked all the boxes, and they followed through with what they said they were going to produce. They exceeded our expectations and we really appreciate finding each other. 


VAPOR APPAREL: What’s one word you would use to describe your experience with Vapor Apparel? 


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: Vapor Apparel really became dependable. Not only did I find that I depended on them and their product, but I also feel like their product, their shirt is dependable. Also in return, the demographics of our event, because this was the first product to sell out during our event.



VAPOR APPAREL: What would you tell someone who’s considering getting custom apparel? 


LOWCOUNTRY OYSTER FESTIVAL: I would strongly suggest that anyone who’s looking for custom apparel that they, A: Go call vapor apparel, right now. But B, really consider it because it’s really a revenue stream if you’re looking for ways to increase your event. And also, you can =think outside the box because Vapor Apparel does this for a living. I don’t do shirts or souvenirs for a living. I like leaving the experience in what sells and what doesn’t to the professionals in that arena. 


Lowcountry Oyster Festival Facts 

      The Lowcountry Oyster Festival has been held on Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens in Mount Pleasant, SC, since 1984. The beautiful trees dripping with Spanish Moss and the winding creek are the perfect backdrop. 


      An average of 50,000 pounds of oysters are consumed each year. That’s about two tractor-trailer loads worth of single-select oysters. 


      To date, the event has donated more than $1.5 million to local charities such as the Coastal Conservation Association, Pay It Forward, Hollings Cancer Center, Shriners’ Hospitals for Children, Ronald McDonald House, College of Charleston and The Culinary Institute of Charleston. 


      Each February, the event is put on by the Charleston Restaurant Foundation, which is under Explore Charleston, the local Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  
      Where to buy tickets for the oyster roast at Boone Hall? Visit the Lowcountry Oyster Festival website.


      Where to buy Lowcountry Oyster Festival shirts? This shirt is only available at the event. We sold out this year, so be sure to get your tickets and attend next year so you can get your shirt!



      Ready to Create Your Own Custom Shirt with Vapor Apparel?  

      The first step to creating your own custom shirt is to take a look at our catalog of apparel. We offer men’s, women’s and kids’ styles, as well as the option to create a custom-patterned fabric with our Cut and Sew Program. We're known for our Solar Shirts (100% polyester) that are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, odor resistant, and provide UPF 50+ sun protection.


      You'll also need to work with a graphic designer in your area to create print-ready artwork, and decide where you want the graphic to appear: center chest, left chest, back, or sleeve.


      Once we receive your artwork in high-res vector art, in ai or eps format and you select your shirt style and color, we'll produce a digital mockup for your approval. Once we get the thumbs up, we get to work custom-printing each shirt by hand in our Charleston, SC facility.  


      Printing options include dye sublimation (on Solar Fabric) that never cracks, fades, or peels.  


      If you select one of our shirts that has cotton in it, sublimation could be an option (for a vintage look), or you can opt for high-quality screen printing or a Direct to Garment transfer. 


      We've been in the customization business since 2004 and have everything you'll need for an easy customization process from start to finish - whether you need 36 shirts or 36,000!


      Contact Us!

      Questions? Contact us anytime at or 843-747-4200. 


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